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Enjoy views of the mystical world Azkend - a puzzle made almost to perfection. The tempting story narrates about roots of the game and drags us away to the fantastic world. A powerful relic which has been casually found by archeologists in Far Asia was gone, and your task is to reach the temple of Time and to return this relic, having removed a strong damnation. You will get a talisman for each solved puzzle, which needs to be returned to the temple. To finish the level, you need to turn all tiles on a game field then to lower a talisman splinter in the bottom of the game field. Tiles will turn over only if an element disappears over them. To remove elements from a game field, there have to be not less than three equal, adjoining with each other by a hexagon. And even in this case elements disappear not themselves, but after you draw conditional line on all identical elements. In this game there’s good graphics which is supplemented perfectly by cheerful special effects and high-quality animation. Besides, you will be pleased also by excellent music.
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