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Darts 2015 for Android

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Arcade Darts 2015 for smartphone
Completely pure version Darts games without mods
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Darts 2015 screenshots
Darts 2015 screenshots


Darts 2015 - play darts in different rooms. Throw darts into a round target trying to get as many points as you can. Carefully aim before throwing. Test your accuracy and attentiveness in this exciting game for Android. Try your luck in various tournaments or quietly train in solitude. Aim and throw darts at the right moment. Try to hit the center of the target, but it's not so simple. Unlock new types of darts and targets to make the game more diverse. Play in your room, office, bars and different locations.

Game features:

  • Several game modes
  • 6 types of targets
  • 5 different darts
  • Leaderboards
  • Different achievements
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