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Gibbets 2 for Android

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Arcade Gibbets 2 for smartphone
Completely pure version Shooting range games without mods
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Gibbets 2 screenshots
Gibbets 2 screenshots


It is unpleasant to appear in wild solitudes, under the scorching sun, without food and water... on a tree … in a loop. What rescue is it possible to speak about when already there are no forces to wave away from Egyptian vultures with a naked heel? The matter of life and death is solved in one shot! Your task - to manage to get an arrow to a rope before the innocently hung up won’t expire.
Collect bonuses, resort to various tricks, set up records and rescue victims rattling about the help. Become a real master of this great deal! The special savor to process will be added by shooting of Egyptian vultures at bonus levels. Don't forget to tell about heroic achievements online. Let all know, who is Robin Hood here!
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