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Gun disassembly 2 screenshots


Gun Disassembly 2 - this tremendous game with very good three-dimensional graphics becomes an excellent gift for fans of a cold weapon. It is a unique game, which will acquaint you with different types of weapon. You will be able to sort and assemble any weapon independently and to study their components. High specification and realness practically will allow you to feel the weapon in your hands. At a weapon choice there’re some game modes: demonstration - where you see how to dismantle and to assemble the weapon; weapon dismantle - where you will be trained in weapon dismantle; weapon assemble - where you need to dismantle and to assemble the weapon in the correct sequence for a certain period. In the game there are also some additional "moves", for example, a mode of x-ray radiation in which you will be able to see all elements of the weapon in x-ray gleam that will allow you to understand more simply how to dismantle and to assemble the weapon. And still you can include "inscriptions" that will allow you to learn how is called each element which is a part of the weapon. Control system in the game is very simple and convenient.
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