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Hero Academy for Android

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Turn-based strategy games Hero Academy for smartphone
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Hero Academy screenshots


Hero Academy - unite heroes in teams and carry out friendly battles between them. You can throw a challenge to your friends or to find new friends in battles. The captain is necessary to any team. Strategically correctly distribute forces of your team and estimate weaknesses of your enemy. Only this way you will be able to win an unconditional victory.

  • Easy in development step-by-step game.
  • It is easy to learn - it is necessary just to begin game!
  • Play with friends or casual rivals.
  • Cheerful, bright paints and vigorous sound.
  • A casual choice of the game field won't allow to start missing!
  • Begin with free team: Alliance.
  • Add new teams in your collection!
  • Change and improve your team.
  • Battle to friends from Facebook!
  • Play with your readers from Twitter!
  • Communicate with rivals during the game.
  • System will prompt you, when your move is.
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