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Labirinth - is an interesting addictive game for mobile gadgets in which you need to take the ball in the maze to the finish hole. Besides regular obstacles you met before in simple mazes, here you will find holes which can bring the ball back to the start point. This game combines the most diverse locations in regards of difficulty as well as in regards of their unique features. Easy, Normal and Hard levels are made in classic style: wooden board with different number and placement of holes and obstacles. Locations of the Original levels are bright and unusual graphical maps which will grow in number all the time. A special game level will be unlocked for you in case you are lucky to guess the secret combination of the ball movement at the game beginning! As soon as you complete any level you can share the results with friends.

Game features:

  • Different levels
  • Accelerometer system of controls
  • Balls having different characteristics and appearance
  • Advanced settings
  • Achievements and statistics
  • Craft your own maps
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