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Screenshot Atlantis: Evolution on iPhone
Screenshot Atlantis: Evolution on iPhone


Atlantis: Evolution - an adventure game using technology of 360-degree panoramic view in each scene. The main character Curtis got to whirlpool which carried away him straight to new Atlantis. After that he finds himself in the world of cutting-edge technology and ancient beliefs. In order to be able to return home at last, he will have to free the people of the new Atlantis, oppressed by bloodthirsty and merciless Gods. Sail the seas, somewhere between Patagonia and New York, on an old ship dating from 1904, fly on the fantastic aircraft of Atlanteans stuffed with high technologies; explore rural villages and meet Atlanteans; hide in the deep forests, travel 8,000 years back in time to discover the Lost City of Atlantis and make your way to the sacred site inhabited by the Gods! Between land and sea, future and past, help Curtis to leave Atlantis and return home!

  • A first-person adventure game with a captivating scenario and colorful characters.
  • Interact with more than thirty different characters including Atlantic Gods…
  • 5 main universes with more than 20 different environments to explore.
  • Intuitive and fluid navigation thanks to a "point-click" interface
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