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Car Toons! for iPhone

Screenshot Car Toons! on iPhone
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Screenshot Car Toons! on iPhone
Screenshot Car Toons! on iPhone


After more than decades of working, the CAR TOONS team was written off for scrap metal. However, today the extraordinary inquiry from the government returns them in action! Gangster cars terrorized everybody. This situation demanded some serious measures which can provide only CAR TOONS! CAR TOONS equipped with amazing super power never leave the garage without new decent equipment. Use it wisely to ram all villains on the screen. Solve more than 100 cleverly developed missions. Deceive a gang and present a little justice! Super power includes: lightning speed, turbo-rocket engine, super jump.

  • More than 100 missions with never early noticed gameplay. Pass more than 100 unique levels and challenges with new gameplay.
  • Control three completely different vehicles, each with its own special abilities and identity.
  • Enjoy interesting style of animation art and some of most amusing "jokes" of the 80es
  • Use justice with a finger-tip. Use exact control facilities of the touch screen
  • Challenge the whole world, break through the main position on leaderboards and unlock a set of achievements
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