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Drive very powerful cars, on more than 10 different routes! Be careful! After all you will have competitors and difficulty in process will increase! Great number of illusive racers will try to reduce your speed. Adjust your XCar and become the main racer! You will have an opportunity to try all races before to start competing. Your time registers for each race. Share your account online and try to remain in world ranging! If you agree to determinate your location, the flag of your country will be shown in front of you in the ranging table. Thus you can compete with players from the whole world! You can see ranging at any time, pressing "World High Scores" emblem.

  • Improbable sensational speed
  • Arcadian physics
  • Huge jumps
  • Fascinating SFX
  • Adjust your XCar
  • Study mode
  • Realistic sound environment
  • Some bonuses to increase your speed and to reduce damages
  • Choice of difficulty level
  • Use of accelerometer or virtual arrows to operate your XCar
  • Loading your account and introduction in the world ranging
  • Retry button in the menu
  • Link for "Ultimate MotoCross" loading free of charge
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