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Screenshot Dead Strike on iPhone
Screenshot Dead Strike on iPhone


Dead Strike - a mixture of a psychological survival horror and a zombie shooter genre. The first symptoms of the virus by mistake took for flu, but in 24 hours victims became aggressive and to bite other people. In 48 hours to all patients diagnosed the clinical death, but it was only the beginning...

  • 4 characters with unique features: Speed, Strength, Healing, Damage, Stealth.
  • 9 Nine weapons (including Flamethrower, Mini-Gun and Chainsaw).
  • Original soundtrack (music and lyrics: Adrien Volpi, vocal: Ben Spencer).
  • Play through day and night.
  • Lighting in real time.
  • Fog, dust and other visual effects.
  • Set of special effects and additional animation.
  • Three-dimensional sound effects.
  • Monsters react to noise and sound, communicate with each other, sharing the location of fresh meat.
  • Fight with bosses.
  • 46 levels in campaign mode.
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