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Falling Fred for iPhone

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Screenshot Falling Fred on iPhone
Screenshot Falling Fred on iPhone


Help Fred in his useless aspiration to avoid the inevitable – to become human part of chopped meat. Slip traps, avoid injuries of his extremities as much as possible, but don't forget to keep his head, naturally located on its place – on shoulders, or it will be the last flight for you. However not everything is death and gloom! In spite of any massive wounds Fred will survive to tell the story and to reproduce the actions.

  • Plunge through over 20 different hazards
  • Watch the replay of your "landing"
  • Share your fall with your friends over Facebook and Twitte
  • Partition and a clotted blood
  • Amazing three-dimensional sounds!
  • Outrageous B. as the character of the game, two new obstacles, fixed bugs, work improvements
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