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The war needs throw you to the Moon. In the moon base, you can build brand new combat and defend units and probes to strengthen your empire. 30 days Geologist will be delivered to you for free, which can increase the production of all resources by 10%. After soaring through space for months, you've finally arrived on an unfamiliar planet with the mission of colonizing it. It's time to build your galaxy empire. You'll have to collect natural resources, construct buildings, wage wars and expand your territory, making Galaxy Empire. Will your legacy be one of bloody aggression or peaceful diplomacy? Along the way you'll make friends and enemies, trade precious resources and wage deadly wars.

  • Play in an online world with thousands of players
  • Establish and manage multiple colonies
  • Find and gather resources across the galaxy
  • Research advanced technologies and construct fleets
  • Join or create an alliance and conquer new systems
  • Global and Alliance live chat system
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The game is out of date

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