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Gorilla Gondola for iPhone

Screenshot Gorilla Gondola on iPhone
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Screenshot Gorilla Gondola on iPhone
Screenshot Gorilla Gondola on iPhone


If you not against the gorillas gathering bananas, and don't see anything reprehensible on air travel on booths, then Gorilla Gondola is a fine opportunity to go on a fascinating banana adventure! Our gorilla intended to go to banana cruise in the most extreme places on a planet. All management in this game is done only by two swipes (up and down) and device rocking (to the left and to the right). Swiping up the gorilla will jump up, and swiping down (during a jump) will fall with the whole multikilo hulk on an unfortunate booth. You should visit 8 various locations filled with bananas and not only. Levels each time are generated again, passing the same one you will always appear like at a new stage. In addition to bananas, in a hover the multi-colored counters will be, allowing to gain superabilities and peculiar spheres. At the 4th level complexity will rise and the main aim won’t be the quantity of points, but your survival.

  • 8 Stunning levels,
  • Original control facilities
  • Beautiful drawn graphics
  • Power soundtrack
  • Opportunity to get is a lot of points
  • Full support of Game Center, including a high set for each level, the statistics in the whole
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The game is out of date

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