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Green Jelly (Full) for iPhone

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Green Jelly - improbably amusing sweet adventure of Green Jelly! Join this cute creature in a challenging adventure to curb his sweet tooth. Collecting candies is not as easy as you might think. Dangerous traps and tricky obstacles make it hairy yet entertaining. So proceed carefully and you’ll be rewarded with tasty treats and Green Jelly’s happy smile. With 60 amazing levels in three yummy locations, you’ll test your quick reactions and wits at every step. Incredible graphics and animation plus realistic physics action won’t make you

  • 60 Levels in three locations: Cake, Chocolate and Waffles
  • Over 10 types of objects for physics-based interaction
  • 20 Funny achievements to share with friends
  • Cute graphics and amusing sounds
  • Updates with new levels
  • Game Center Suppor
  • iPhone 5 support
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