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Screenshot House of Mice on iPhone
Screenshot House of Mice on iPhone


House of Mice is a new type of a puzzle based on confrontation between a cat and a mouse in the house. You will roll a mouse, which changes into a bomb to avoid obstacles in the house or to use them to bypass a cat and to receive benefit points when you get cheese. The method of the game is simple, you should touch the screen strongly, but the game offers gameplay excitement by different ways, after all you should break or avoid boxes, move goals and electricity, operate invisible forces, such as magnets and wind from fans, and solve puzzles, using a route created by the player, using tools and pipes, and all this will be very fascinating.

  • 4 Different backgrounds and 80 irresistible stages. Don't forget to collect all cheese and to give a good lesson to cats!
  • Bright puzzle and interesting gameplay!
  • Easy management!
  • Magnificent graphics with retina support
  • Multitasking
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