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Screenshot Jump O'Clock on iPhone
Screenshot Jump O'Clock on iPhone


Take control of the lovable steampunk robot LE0 and jump from gear to gear while avoiding hazards in an endless upward world. Collect bolts to fill your super-jump meter, and boost the height of your jumps. Be careful, you are waited by numerous dangers on your way, such as razor-sharp teeth, scalding steam, electrified wires or broken pipes. Connect to OpenFeint and compete with players worldwide. Each game is generated in a random way so you will never see the same level again. If you have time, play Jump O'Clock!

  • Endless vertical platform game in Doodle Jump style.
  • Infinite adventure, each game session - is unique!
  • OpentFeint Integration: challenge your friends and compete with other players, sending the results to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Gain as many points as possible, rising higher. Collect bolts to fill the super – jump meter.
  • 15 various tasks
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