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Screenshot Magic Orbz on iPhone
Screenshot Magic Orbz on iPhone


Magic Orbz - 3D arcadian - a unique combination of beauty and a violent drive! Break through magic worlds! Visit the jungles occupied by a mysterious tribe, and piracy islands where Jolly Roger reigns. In the shadow of sprawling palm trees tigers hid, at an edge of a surf sharks dissect waves, and pirates ground blades – but nobody will stop you on your way to success! Game process is simple and fascinating: beat off a magic sphere with a racket and destroy a surrounding landscape by means of various special effects. Collect bonuses, operate storms, and shoot obstacles! Find out your future, after all each level is a curious story. Fantastically beautiful levels, realistic effects of destructions and variety of bonuses won't allow to come off game! Comprehend the world, sorting it on a slice!

  • The best arcadian for PlayStation Network which has been completely adapted for iOS
  • Two unique worlds –archipelago of pirates and mysterious jungles
  • 42 fascinating levels
  • Tens bonuses and improvements
  • Magnificent soundtrack
  • Realistic physical model
  • Two convenient ways of racket management
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