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Screenshot Master of Alchemy on iPhone
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Screenshot Master of Alchemy on iPhone
Screenshot Master of Alchemy on iPhone


Master of Alchemy is an original and attractive puzzle game based on manipulation with solid, liquid and gaseous elements. You can use functions of some documents for making new elements and substances. To complete each level you will have to generate one or more necessary substances and bring them to specific states. Well, you can create new objects as an Alchemist, beginning with basic elements, different colours and materials. You are to manage a small alchemical laboratory, equipped with a great number of tools. You will use the tools to mix, blow up and match, seal or destroy the items in accordance with the purposes and limitations of the levels. At the beginning of the game you have to choose an alchemist who will fulfill tasks (there are 6 characters in a group). During the game you alchemist will develop. Game features: realistic physics, magnificent graphic detailing, 60 levels, 20 tools, lots of bonuses and achievements, 6 different characters and many other things. iPhone 4 support (Retina display) as well as iPhone and iPod Touch.
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