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Screenshot Munch Time on iPhone
Screenshot Munch Time on iPhone


A food of an average chameleon in house conditions reaches only several crickets and cockroaches. And what to do if this small green creation appeared in natural dwellings conditions? Precisely, he should look for food himself. And chameleon Manch do that. Your task – to gather all scattered asterisks as soon as possible. You will be able to operate Manch by tapping the screen. Tap and the chameleon passed to an interesting place. Tap a floret and our pet will grasp it with his powerful, long tongue. It is interesting that Manch can grab flowers only with the same color as his, which can be changed by means of crickets. Do you want to grasp a green flower? Take care to make our chameleon green. Each cricket has different effect therefore for fast passing of level it is necessary to plan everything from the very beginning. The game has 63 levels which are passed very quickly.
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