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Screenshot My Little Hero on iPhone
Screenshot My Little Hero on iPhone


What does a boy have to do when his best friend is in danger? Become a Hero. Evil Boogeyman kidnaps his best friend. Now you should find Boogeyman. Track down him while venturing through the enchanting worlds of Dark Forests, Muddy Deserts, Mushy Swamps and the ultimate destination - the Boogeyman’s Nest. Solve puzzles, find treasures, and confront all the enemies of your childhood dreams in the hypnotizing beautiful world, just behind the doors of your bedroom closet. Search for hidden collectibles and defeat the boss enemies. Remember: there is always a solution to every problem. No enemy should be left behind: don’t be afraid to ruthlessly hack and slash for buttons. Hang on to your buttons, as you’ll need them! Feeling a little low on energy? There’s nothing that a little sugar can’t fix – including mending broken hearts.

  • 4 gorgeously crafted worlds (with more to come in future updates)
  • Upgradable armor and weapons, with additional items to discover
  • 31 individual hidden collectibles
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