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Screenshot Office Gamebox on iPhone
Screenshot Office Gamebox on iPhone


Office Gamebox - a funny 3-in-1 game pack based around an office theme. GAME 1 - PAPER SNIPER, where you should flick the paper ball at the wastebasket, using the cool air fan to bend your shots. You have only sixty seconds to get the highest score! GAME 2 - CHAIR RACE, in which you should ride on the office chair through floors of the block of offices as far as possible! On your way there will be all types of obstacles. GAME 3 - PITCH A PENGUIN, you should do to the roof of the office and take a running jump to see how far that flightless bird will go. Grab a fishy in-flight meal to give your tiny wings a bit more energy, or grab onto a rocket to increase your speed.
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