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Olympic Zombies Run for iPhone

Screenshot Olympic Zombies Run on iPhone
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Screenshot Olympic Zombies Run on iPhone
Screenshot Olympic Zombies Run on iPhone


Once at night you wake up to see that the world has changed. Actually, even you have changed! Cemetery – your new house. When you were live, you ran to win and today, you run to survive. Olympic Zombies Run shows fascinating races with different obstacles and cruel opponents! Only faster, cleverer, and hungrier zombies can win!

  • Innovative gameplay! Hold the correct rhythm of fingers to work quicker and better!
  • Run, jump, attack, protection and even deception with more than 20 items!
  • Three completely various worlds!
  • Compete during 30 tracks for Worm money!
  • Modernize your favorite zombie!
  • Use products: from monkey lamps, to chain saws to interfere your opponents to win!
  • Try to get Gold on each track!
  • Save your money, buy new regimentals and have more entertainment!
  • Many challenges!
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