Siegecraft TD for iPhone
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Siegecraft TD for iPhone

Screenshot Siegecraft TD on iPhone
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Screenshot Siegecraft TD on iPhone
Screenshot Siegecraft TD on iPhone


Malicious Lizardmen attack your castle, that needs your protection. Conquer enemy territory and seize everything that they have built. Siegecraft TD is one of the best strategies in Tower Defence genre.

Game features:
  • classic TD gameplay in a beautiful world of Siegecraft
  • dozens of enemies on screen at once, all depicted in stunning 3D
  • real-time shadows and pixel shaders for your visual pleasure
  • 15 unique towers
  • 18 unique units
  • more then 30 levels
  • more than 10 hours of play in Campaign mode
  • limitless number of maps in single mode for endless gameplay
  • multiplayer matches with global ratings to prove that you are a Master of the strategy
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The game is out of date

and no longer supported by the developer