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Screenshot Ski Jumping on iPhone
Screenshot Ski Jumping on iPhone


In this realistic game, you will get in conquering world of professional jumps on skis. Accelerate to dangerously high speeds, then jump and fight against a dangerous ice wind to keep balance and to try to fly as farther as possible to win the best ski jumpers from all over the world in this invigorating enchanting spectacle of winter sports. Bright new addition to one million Bright Games, Ski Jumping 2012 includes tournaments, various sports events and world cups in more than 20 various real places intended for jumps on skis. Direct the jumper downhill, fly up in the necessary time and depart. But judges of Ski Jumping 2012 judge not only distance. Show the qualified ability and management of aerodynamics accompanied by fast and correct landing, which was reached by only a few fearless skiers.
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