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Speedway GP 2012 for iPhone

Screenshot Speedway GP 2012 on iPhone
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Screenshot Speedway GP 2012 on iPhone
Screenshot Speedway GP 2012 on iPhone


Speedway GP 2012 relies on the success of its predecessor, bringing to admirers thrills more fed by adrenaline and improbable realism. You will see dirt splashes on your guard, you will hear roar of the crowd and you will feel as though you are really in epicenter of events. Speedway GP 2012 now with expanded three-dimensional graphics and animation improved by control facilities, cleverer opponents and the live comment from the speedway commentator Thomas Lorek. Pass through 12 tracks of the real world, battling against furious skills of 15 best speedway equestrians in the world in the most courageous, dangerous and dynamic racing motorcycle action.
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