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Tower Bloxx New York for iPhone

Screenshot Tower Bloxx New York on iPhone
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Screenshot Tower Bloxx New York on iPhone
Screenshot Tower Bloxx New York on iPhone


Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D is a time killing game. And it is beautiful not only with so fabulous characters or fascinating quests, but with its exclusively graphics. Tower Bloxx — is quite old game. It was popular on old phones, and now developers from Digital Chocolate made it for iDevices. With a huge crane you need to construct and settle a megalopolis. Only 4 modes: Quick Game, Build City, Party Game and Time Attack. Quick Game — fast game mode. The task — to construct as high building as possible. Restrictions — an opportunity to lose not more than three blocks. Build City — city building mode. Choose buildings, build new houses — it is your own city now. By the way, the more straight you stack the house, the more people will live there. There’re 4 types of buildings which have different colors and height. Party Game —multiplayer. The game is in an album mode and divides the screen into 2 parts. Choose a building and try not to fight for a telephone. The one who will quicker construct the necessary quantity of floors will win. Time Attack — time game. You are given 44 seconds —check, how many floors you will manage to construct during this time.
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