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Screenshot Secret City Pipes on iPhone
Screenshot Secret City Pipes on iPhone


Secret City Pipes - an interesting puzzle about pipes or how to help poor Crots to repair the aircraft! A fascinating multilevel puzzle with saturated graphics. The game, certainly, a find for admirers of this genre: it is necessary to collect a pipe correctly from small and very strange parts. You should break your head in the course of drawing up the most advantageous option of the pipe connected to a power source. Received points and transition to new levels will be an award to you! Earn badges for the best results and compete in a pipemaking with the friends! Game highlight – is in its outset with a history plot about charming Crots (the character of the game Secret City and the future continuation Secret City -2, who mastered his pilot skills and as a result broke the dirigible balloon power supply. About this funny case an amusing video in style of mute cinema will tell you at the very beginning of the game. The purpose of each level — to connect the central element (power supply) to all possible sockets located on perimeter. Collecting a puzzle, you will carry out an important and paramount task: you will help Crots to repair the aircraft mechanism!

  • You need to fill a blank space in the screen center by various details of pipes which are given in a random way one by one.
  • You need to join competently pipes to continue the chain and you could join all pipes in an ideal. So to fill a game field completely.
  • If a piece doesn't suit, the cap is put. The penalty undertakes for it.
  • If you docked a narrow pipe to an output pipe, you get as many points as drawn on this pipe. If you were docked by the wide end of a pipe to an output pipe, points are doubled. If you were docked by the wide end and thus from the Source to the Output pipe there is a wide road from pipes, points are multiplied by 4

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