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Vampire War for iPhone

Screenshot Vampire War on iPhone
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Screenshot Vampire War on iPhone
Screenshot Vampire War on iPhone


Uncountable centuries my tribes stood at the world top, were governors of life of mortal. Someone challenge us- Lupines or as people call them- werewolves, we fought against them throughout centuries and got a victory! The prince, my history is finished. Now, how will you lead us to the end of this chaos, and return former power and glory?

  • Free Multiuser ONLINE game
  • Enjoy fine graphics, and excellent animation of fights. Free updatings with new Abilities, Missions and many other things!
  • Strengthen your Clan and look for powerful Heroes with various abilities.
  • Fight against legendary heroes, and take them to your team!
  • Command fights allow you to join fights of hundreds players!
  • Carry out a large quantity of tasks!
  • Rob to get rare objects and abilities
  • Updatings in real time!
  • Excellent chat system
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