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60 Parsecs! for Android

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The game starts with the alarm at the space station, which is activated due to the start of the nuclear war. The character must gather any items he can find, crew members and take them all to the emergency shuttle for the short period of time. The station and the Earth will be destroyed by a nuclear rocket as soon as the time is over. 

The shuttle is accidentally taken to the distance of 60 parsec and the game starts. Initial game conditions change depending on what the player manages to take from the station. In this quest you are going to watch moral and physical qualities of the crew members, who in their turn perform work onboard. The game offers lots of craft, you can proceed everything. You also need to take decisions on game events and as a result - protect your team. By the way, if the player does not watch the crew's happiness and discipline, crew members can start a mutiny. Graphics is simple and is represented by a drawn cartoon.

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