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City streets have very heavy traffic and the situation becomes worth every day. And it can not be watched calmly either from Heaven or from under the ground. It may seem strange, but two constantly fighting forces came to a common conclusion; but they chose completely different means. This is quite a good prehistory of Bad Traffic game, in which you will have to unclog the streets. Depending on the side taken (good or evil) you will have to protect and re-direct traffic, or crash the cars, creating dangerous situations. But irrespective to the side chosen you will find a lively and exciting gameplay, which will not let you get bored, especially since each level will require self-discipline and concentration. The game has only one goal; it is to free the roads and avoid traffic jams. Choosing the side of good you'll have to save cars by avoiding collisions, and thus to improve the situation on the roads. Demons chose a different and much simpler path for solving traffic problems. They decided that the less cars move along the roads, the less problems there are there and began making collisions aiming to blow up as many cars as possible.
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