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Caps screenshots


Caps is not bad time-killer in which you are to fight with your rival with the help of bottle caps. There will be a variety of tables to play at in the game: dinner table, locksmith's table and desks. Each of the table will surely be heaped up with various trash, this or that way related to the type of activity, which is performed at this very table. The main thing in the game is to be careful and estimate the power you will snap off the caps of your rivals. There will be not only the objects that stand in your cap’s way at the table, but also various spilled fluids like glue, that will significantly slow down the sliding of the caps or stop them completely. It is understood that the person that drops all the rival’s caps from the table is the winner. You may play with computer as well as with your friend on the same Smartphone. The game contains 9 various plots and 54 levels altogether.
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