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Frontline Commando D-Day screenshots
Frontline Commando D-Day screenshots


FRONTLINE COMMANDO: D-DAY - you should head disembarkation on the well-known invasion of allies, which happened during World War II. You need to get a victory over occupation forces and to free France. Protect entrenchments, storm beaches, free cities in Normandy. You should appear in the center of operations, operating your hero from the third person. The game contains fascinating video effects, exact management, physics, and destruction of objects, worthy consoles. You should participate in 145 missions divided into 5 campaigns, which will take place in real sectors of disembarkation. Destroy as many tanks and tools as possible to promote approach of allies forces. To destroy bombers use antiaircraft guns, by means of stationary tools fire at strengthenings of the opponent and gradually move ahead to pass to the center of occupation zone.
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