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Pocket Empires Online for Android

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Pocket Empires Online - one more strategic MMO game for Android platform. Start the game, choose your country, your sex, an amusing name for your future empire and start building, studying, getting gold and reap a crop and taxes. Everything in the game is based on time, i.e. construction of buildings, researches, movements – everything occupies a certain quantity of time. More than 10 unique constructions will be available to you for your cities, more than 40 skills and 50 points, for development, more than 30 various beings who can be recruited or taken prisoner, the huge world map for capture. In the game there’s very thought over gameplay, an actual interactivity, and quite good graphics. The game requires Internet connection. There is no need for high-speed connection. GPRS is quite able to provide comfortable game, consuming not much traffic.
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