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Zuma's Revenge – the legendary, loved by all Zuma! This game doesn't need representation - all know it! Now for the Android operating system. Pass more than 60 tests, plunge into Zuma world where spirits of Tiki operate the Earth. But be careful, on the whole way you will be trapped by hidden traps. Bypass these obstacles and get various bonuses. Carry out your quick amphibian through all dangers and battle to six bosses to tame the jungle. In total all that you need is to destroy Magic Frog balls, which go to a skull in a column. There’re alls of different colors, and you need to destroy all column without a trace, shooting with the same balls. At coincidence of three and more colors - the sector of balls with identical color disappears. In the game there’s qualitative ethnic graphics with a portrayal of all small details, a professional postscoring with very pleasant African motives, and interesting game modes with constantly new levels with additional bonuses and surprises. You won't get bored with this game!
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