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Borderlands Legends for iPhone

Screenshot Borderlands Legends on iPhone
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Screenshot Borderlands Legends on iPhone
Screenshot Borderlands Legends on iPhone


It is a unique mix of RPG action and strategy which will attract you very much. Borderlands Legends – is an excellent shooter, actions happen on a mysterious planet Pandora. It is necessary to play at the same time for four main characters: Lilith, Rolanda, Brick and Mordecai. It is necessary to battle to various bandits and many other inhabitants of a mysterious planet. Each hero possesses certain abilities and owns various types of firearms, the choice is presented in broad variety. Each of characters can battle on a certain distance from location of enemies. Therefore you will need to place strategically correctly all characters most productively to cope with continued approaching opponents. Each mission is generated and drops out in a random way. As well as in any other game, for a victory you will be awarded by various bonuses, and of course money for which it is possible to acquire arms, via special vending machines.


  • generated missions;
  • about 1000 names of various weapon;
  • special fight mode for own life;
  • 36 unique abilities and opportunities of characters

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