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Droppy: Adventures for iPhone

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Screenshot Droppy: Adventures on iPhone
Screenshot Droppy: Adventures on iPhone


Droppy: Adventures is a positive cartoon platform game about the adventures of Droppy, a live water drop. It travels about the kitchen and meets different elements: Fire, Stone and Lighting. A competition for a playing field begins. Quickly jump about tablecloths, sinks and other meshy surfaces trying to get around your opponents.

Game features:
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Several characters available
  • Different playing arenas with unique design
  • Adaptable game settings
  • 3 ways to control a character: joystick, swipe and accelerometer
  • 3 game modes: adventure, tournaments and multiplayer
  • Unusual experience for iOS arcade game lovers: a real-time multiplayer
  • New unlockable abilities in an adventure mode
  • New characters, arenas, bonuses and modes of updates

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