Duke Nukem 2 for iPhone
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Duke Nukem 2 for iPhone

Screenshot Duke Nukem 2 on iPhone
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Screenshot Duke Nukem 2 on iPhone
Screenshot Duke Nukem 2 on iPhone


Duke explodes everything on your screen with enough firepower. The gamer’s task is to complete all the levels and destroy monsters with use of weapons and special bonuses. Many objects are hidden in boxes, which can be opened by a shot. Some boxes contain bombs instead of useful objects. The most part of the game Duke Nukem, the main hero travels on foot, but on some levels he drives cars.

Game features:
  • Side scrolling action
  • Incredible VGA graphics
  • A palette having 256 colours
  • Amazing interactive environments
  • Full touch screen support
  • Brutal new design and music
  • Autosave and loading, replay and high-score tracking
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