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Screenshot Infinity Project on iPhone
Screenshot Infinity Project on iPhone


Future. 2248. The Earth with the last bit of strength reflects attack of unknown alien race, who are ready to do anything for the sake of natural resources of our planet. You should take command over group of fighters from the best Special Forces, and to go on confidential station Infinity to space where development of new weapon is conducted. But for the unclear reasons the communication line sharply breaks and you should find out what happened. The captain Onora Zorion will help you on the Safe Communication line. The Infinity station is huge and it is easy to get lost; the signs left near some doors, will help you to find your way. As soon as you appear onboard strange things start occurring, and you understand that it is not a usual space station, and it is not a usual saving mission.... YOU - the only hope of mankind for the future!

  • Tremendous 3D world
  • #rd person action
  • Various arms
  • Set of types of opponents
  • 3 levels of complexity
  • Regulation of sensitivity of player movement
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