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PipeRoll 2 Ages for iPhone

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Screenshot PipeRoll 2 Ages on iPhone
Screenshot PipeRoll 2 Ages on iPhone


The plumber work isn't so easy, as it seems from the first sight. After all one discrepancy can lead to the crash of the whole sewer system. PipeRoll 2 Ages will allow you to feel as the master of water and pipes to practice design of ways of water delivery and more. You are to rotate simple taps and to connect parts of pipes, to create the closed system of circulation of liquid. 300 levels, 20 levels in each of six locations, which pass through various historical frameworks. Provide Cro-Magnons with water, conjurers with magic liquid, transfer gold from mines to the railways. From level to level there’re tangled sewer branches.

  • Pressure Mode (where it is necessary to lay pipes quicker than liquid arriving into them);
  • Timer Mode (it is necessary to carry out a liquid stream for allowed time);
  • Crazy Mode (while turning one element others turn also).
  • In each mode 20 difficult levels.
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