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Pro Zombie Soccer - an amusing game on destruction of crowds of zombie by means of soccer. The game is presented in the form of bright comics. You will play for a football player who skillfully owns a ball and destroying stinking, roaring, green monsters. Your main goal - to destroy all monsters by soccerball hit in them. All zombies who are present at this game have different characteristics: one need to be killed in a direct stroke in the head, others - hit in area below... Try, the game is worth it!

  • One of the most surrealistic and cheerful stories which was taken from old video games
  • A great number of zombies prepared specially for murders
  • Excellent soundtrack and full sound background
  • Not used before combo system
  • A large number of levels and locations
  • So-called Zombie Odyssey mode where you will need to gather as many points as possible

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