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Psychosis: Zombies for iPhone

Screenshot Psychosis: Zombies on iPhone
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Screenshot Psychosis: Zombies on iPhone
Screenshot Psychosis: Zombies on iPhone


These are the 60s and you get stuck in an old gloomy building. There’s the smell of dampness and dirty air. Besides, the way is blocked. And there are these beings, these monsters and they don’t like you!!! And now you should fight for the survival!

  • Unique gyroscopic control system
  • 6 different types of enemies
  • 7 types of the upgrading weapon
  • Immersive HD environment
  • 4 types of traps
  • Various effects
  • Realistic sound effects
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Board of leaders
  • Control facilities are improved, work is improved, mistakes are corrected
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The game is out of date

and no longer supported by the developer