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Screenshot Soul on iPhone


In a remote hospital a person died all alone. After death he was necessary to nobody. But he kept his immortal soul — a tiny bluish spark — and now tries to reach Eden garden independently. The way, of course, is not easy — directly from the floor and the ceiling black blots with burning red eyes rapaciously show their teeth and the environment, surrounding our "hero", is unfriendly: hospital corridors with flickering and spitefully buzzing fluorescent lamps, dirty sewerage and ventilating mines … Soul — a fragile substance: it immediately dies away from the slightest contact with any object of the material world. In the most rooms those blots murderers hid, but they find themselves, only when the player comes nearer to them on a certain distance. Elevators aren't less artful: move breakthroughs, fade on a place and come back to the previous floor. You need to snatch the moment and to slip into the mine, and then to fly on it, not being crushed by the elevator. As a result, before level will be passed, you should learn the correct route of movement by heart.
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