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Screenshot World War Z on iPhone
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Screenshot World War Z on iPhone
Screenshot World War Z on iPhone


A deadly attack of flash eaters has begun! Be ready, as you will get to the tensed situation into a crowd of infected zombies! Save your family in new realistic terrifying action game World War Z. A sudden turnaround of events is waiting for you!

Game features:
  • Excellent graphics
  • Advanced settings
  • 28 levels
  • Absorbing puzzles
  • Weapon and armor upgrades
  • Listening to radio, answering machines and reading of e-mails of other survivors
  • Replayable survival mode
  • Different kinds of battle, including hand-to-hand fight and shooting
  • Well-defined physics
  • Intellectual enemies
  • Unreal Engine 3

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The game is out of date

and no longer supported by the developer