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Capturas de tela de Galaxy on Fire 2
Capturas de tela de Galaxy on Fire 2

Descrição do jogo

Galaxy on Fire 2 - open a galaxy consisting of more than 20 solar systems and 100 space stations in the three-dimensional image. Having catapulted in destroyed by the war future, a well-known space traveler Keith Ti Maxwell learns that the galaxy is assigned to powerful aliens. Having learned the truth about this dangerous race, he declares them war. Make intergalactic travel together with Keith – you are waited for by new opening, wars with pirates, space battles, meetings with aliens and romantic love! You can get also customize more than 30 types of spaceships, which will help with fascinating missions, including a protected escort at attacks of pirates, search of intergalactic criminals, rescue of important heroes, transportation of valuable freights, command of mercenaries for performance of complex tactical challenges and restoration of technologies of aliens from the remote regions of a galaxy.
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